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Black Bottom Archives

Black Bottom Archives (BBA) is a community-driven media platform dedicated to centering and amplifying the voices, experiences, and perspectives of Black Detroiters through digital storytelling, journalism, art, and community organizing with a focus on preserving local Black history & archiving our present.

Black Bottom Digital Archive Team

BBA Present and Former Staff

  • PG Watkins, Director & Co-Founder

  • Kamau Baaqi, Communications Associate

  • Tulani Pryor, Digital Archives Assistant

  • Lawrielle West, Community Engagement Coordinator

Black Bottom Digital Archive Interns & Contractors

  • Abdeena Barrie, Intern

  • Nic Ciccone, Intern

  • Conor Mendenhall, Web Developer

BBA Advisory Board

  • Emily Kutil, Black Bottom Street View creator

  • Angela Abiodun

  • Ever Bussey

  • Steven Farrar

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Did you or your family members live, work, or play in Black Bottom? Do you have stories, photos or other media to share? Please contact us for more information about how you can contribute to this growing digital archive.

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