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The Black Bottom Bibliography

News and Magazine Articles

The Atlanta Daily World – founded 1928 in Atlanta, Georgia – still active

“Group Gets New Hotel in Detroit.” The Atlanta Daily World. Sep 4, 1957, p. 2.

“Paradise Valley’s Most Generous Man Dies at Ripe Old Age of 62.” The Atlanta Daily World. Nov 27, 1937, p. 6.

The Baltimore Afro-American – founded in 1892 – still active

“1955 Hotel Men Of The Year.” The Baltimore Afro-American.  Nov 19, 1955, p. A3.

“2 Killed As 40 Flee 5-Alarm Hotel Fire: Detroit blaze guts old-time nite-spot.” The Baltimore Afro-American. Mar 16, 1963, p. 19.

“Achievement Awarded.”  The Baltimore Afro-American, May 11, 1940, p. 23.

“Arson Charged in Housing Dispute: Detroit Homes Owned by Watson Company -- OFFICER ACCUSED -- 2 Admit Getting $85 for Burning 3 Homes.” The Baltimore Afro-American. Oct 14, 1944, p. 3.

“Bee Dew Leads Again.” The Baltimore Afro-American. February 7, 1942, p. 9.

Bolden, Frank E. (Detroit Bureau) “Gotham Hotel in Detroit Gains Nationwide Fame.” The Pittsburgh Courier.  Mar 8, 1947.

“Bowling ‘Em Over at Detroit’s 666.” The Baltimore Afro-American. Mar. 24, 1945.

Cowans, Russell. “Around the Motor City.” The Baltimore Afro-American, Nov 25, 1933, p. 22.

-----. “Depression Rampant in Detroit Loop.” The Baltimore Afro-American, Apr 30, 1932, p. 10.

“Detroit Cosmetic Company Doing Rushing Business.” The Baltimore Afro-American, April 04, 1942, p. 19.

“Detroit Lawyer, 78, Active Until Death.” The Baltimore Afro-American. Apr 27, 1963, p. 19.

Garnett, Henry D. “Detroit News--Michigan State News.” The Chicago Defender. Nov 10, 1923, p. 20.

“New Home of Beauty.” The Baltimore Afro-American. Feb 13, 1937, p. 14.

“Paradise Valley Yule Fund Aids 563 Families.” The Baltimore Afro-American (1893-1988); Jan 4, 1941; p. 22.

“Rhapsody Heads Busy Show Week in Detroit.” The Baltimore Afro-American, Apr 23, 1932, p. 19.

The Chicago Defender – founded 1905 – still active (online since 2019)

“Atwell Opens Recreation School in Detroit June 29.”  The Chicago Defender. Jun 20, 1931, p. 2.

“Chester Rentie Dies In Detroit.” The Chicago Defender.  Apr 19, 1952, p. 9.

“Cop Hires Youths to Burn Negro Homes.” The Chicago Defender. Oct 14, 1944, pp. 1, 4.

“Court May Close Carlton Plaza.” The Chicago Defender. Apr 30, 1955, p. 1.

“Dedicate New Y.W.C.A Building in Detroit: Ceremonies Mark Opening...” The Chicago Defender, Jan 7, 1933, p. 2.

“Detroit Community House Celebrates Its First Year.”  The Chicago Defender. Nov 1, 1930, p. 13.

“Detroit Dedicates New Y. M. C. A. Building.” The Chicago Defender, Apr 4, 1925, p. 1.

“Detroit Gets Be-Bop Fever At El Sino Club.” The Chicago Defender. Jun 7, 1947, p. 19.

“Detroit’s 1st Paradise Valley Mayor Dies.” The Chicago Defender, May 2, 1942, p. 7.

“Detroit Trade Association Plans Five-Day Exhibit.”  The Chicago Defender.  April 20, 1935 p. 3

“Name New Hospital at Detroit in Honor of Poet.” The Chicago Defender (Big Weekend Edition). June 7, 1919, p. 1.

“New Lucy Thurman Branch Plans of Detroit Y. W. C. A.” The Chicago Defender, Nov 28, 1931, p. 6.

“Views of New $150,000 Trinity Hospital, Detroit.” The Chicago Defender. Oct. 8, 1938, p. 7.

Detroit Free Press

“Carlton Plaza Hotel Has Informal Opening.”  The Detroit Free Press. June 1, 1924, p. 7.

”High Profile Sunnie Wilson: Entertainer keeps a song in his Heart.” Detroit Free Press, August 23, 1987, p. 3.

Lubens, Pauline. “Shining Among the Stars.” Detroit Free Press, February 28, 1997, p. 58.

“Obituaries: C. Henri Lewis, Jr.” The Detroit Free Press. Mar 19, 1952, p. 14.

“Oriole Becomes a Fine Church: New Glory for Old Theater.” The Detroit Free Press. Mar 11, 1963, p. 3.

Sterns, Patty LaNoue. “Detroit Pays Tribute to One of its Legends.”  Detroit Free Press, March 24, 1999, p. 61.

“Vivian Hill; ran beauty school.” Detroit Free Press,  October 13, 1980, p. 19.

Detroit News

Baulch, Vivian M., and Patricia Zacharias. “The 1943 Detroit Race Riots.” Detroit News, February 11, 1999.

-----. “Paradise Valley and Black Bottom.” Detroit News, February 11, 1999.

Hodges, Michael. “Saturday tour to celebrate Detroit’s early black architects.” The Detroit News. Oct 9, 2019. Accessed July 19, 2020.

Mullen, RoNeisha, and Dale Rich. “Detroit's Gotham Hotel Exuded glamour.” The Detroit News.  Dec 31, 1999.

Jet Magazine – founded 1951 – still active (digital since 2014)

Edward Davis, first Black auto dealer, honored in Detroit.” Jet; Vol. 95, Iss. 9,  (Feb 1, 1999): 46-48.

Edward Davis, first Black Auto dealer, dies in Detroit.” Jet; Vol. 95, Iss. 25,  (May 24, 1999): 32.

“Edward Davis, 88, First Black To Own A US New-Car Dealership.” Chicago Tribune. May 06, 1999, p. 10.

The Michigan Chronicle -- founded 1936 -- still active

“Announce Opening Of Cancer Center.” The Michigan Chronicle. Feb. 8, 1947, p. 2.

Coleman, Ken. “Michigan Chronicle Turns 80.”  Michigan Chronicle.  Apr 20, 2016, p. A1.

Moore, Peggy A. “Paradise Valley and its people.” Michigan Chronicle. Sep. 24, 1997, p. 1.

Talley, Scott. “Black Bottom Was Tops.” Michigan Chronicle Online, July 16, 2008.

Wartman, Charles J. “Bradby New NAACP President.” The Michigan Chronicle. Dec. 21, 1946, pp. 1, 23.

The New Journal and Guide (formerly Norfolk Journal and Guide) – founded 1900, active

“Graduating Class of Bee-Dew College: Hundreds At Bee-Dew Graduation Exercises.” The Norfolk Journal and Guide, Nov 11, 1941, p. 6.

“Modern Hospital Opened in Detroit.” New Journal and Guide. Oct. 22, 1938, p. 2.

The New York City Amsterdam Star-News -- founded 1909 -- still active

“Detroit Gets Legit House.” New York Amsterdam Star-News. Jan 10, 1942, p. 16

Herb Boyd. “The Medical Northcross Family of Detroit.” New York Amsterdam News. Jun 22, 2017.

“Robert L. Bradby, Detroit Pastor, Dies.” New York Amsterdam News. June 15, 1946, p. 6.

“Sponsor Benefit for Willa Mae Lane.” New York Amsterdam Star-News. Oct. 17, 1942, p. 10.

The Philadelphia Tribune – founded 1884 (oldest Black newspaper in US) – still active

Young, Beulah. “Detroit Housewives Use the System of Cooperative Buying.”  Philadelphia Tribune.  Sep 24, 1931, p. 5.

The Pittsburgh Courier (and New Pittsburgh Courier) – founded in 1910, active until 1966

“Atty. J.A. Brown Dies in Detroit.” Pittsburgh Courier. Feb. 2, 1963, p. 5.

“Claude Trenier At Detroit’s 666 Club.” The Pittsburgh Courier. Mar. 28, 1942, p. 20.

“Detroit Baptist Church Holds Centennial Exercises.” The Pittsburgh Courier. Apr. 4, 1936, p. A10.

Fields, Marian E. “Detroit, Michigan.” The Pittsburgh Courier. Jul 12, 1930, p. A9.

Poston, U.S. “‘Bradby Saved Negro in Detroit,’ Says U.S. Poston.” The Pittsburgh Courier. Nov. 19, 1927, p. 2.

“The Robert Windrows Are Sparkling Hosts in Detroit.” New Pittsburgh Courier. Dec 23, 1961, p. 13.

Other Articles

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Dunbar Hospital.”  Detroit: A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary. National Park Service.

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“Michigan: Decline in Detroit.” Time Magazine, October 27, 1961.

“Night Clubs--Vaudeville: Detroit Club Expands Shows.” The Billboard. March 21, 1942, p. 12.

“Night Clubs--Vaudeville: El Sino New Detroit Spot.” The Billboard. Jun 21, 1947, p. 44.

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Underground Railroad” in the Encyclopedia of Detroit. Detroit Historical Society. Accessed August 20, 2020.

Academic Articles

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