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Mr. Harold Mackelmore Interview

Mr. Mackelmore Segment 1
Mr. Mackelmore Segment 2
Mr. Harold Mackelmore Transcription Completed

Part One

[[00:00:00]] Mr. Mackelmore discusses schools like Duffield, Garfield (torn down) – first school in Detroit was Barstow – Emily discusses exhibit, how much Mr. Mackelmore knows – Mr. Mackelmore says he’ll send kids up

Part Two

[[00:00:00]] Mr. Mackelmore recalls funny memory about a friend of his – says Black Bottom was a “mixed neighborhood” including Italians, Greeks, and Syrians, no prejudice – first endured segregation when drafted into the army, left for Fort Custer

[[00:03:00]] Recalls bad memory from army days before clarifying that in Black Bottom, everybody was friends – recalls Greektown and going to Catholic schools before saying “See, a lot of people -- you talk about Black Bottom -- they keep talkin’ about it was all Black -- no.  It was three fam-- three different races there.”


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